African People's Socialist Party 5th Congress - Political Report - Office of Economic Development builds culture of self-reliance
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African People's Socialist Party 5th Congress - Political Report - Office of Economic Development builds culture of self-reliance

Political Report to the Fifth Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party

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Table of Contents

  1. Imperialists cannot stem tide of national liberation
  2. The Party is the anti-colonial force in this time
  3. African People’s Socialist Party is heir to Marcus Garvey
  4. Pan-Africanism was the petty bourgeoisie; Garvey led the African working class
  5. African Internationalism advances Garvey Movement, defines imperialism in crisis
  6. African Internationalism shows the way forward
  7. African Internationalism led on the issue of reparations
  8. African workers must lead the struggle against parasitic capitalism
  9. ASI is the basis for a genuine Communist International
  10. White nation-state built on pedestal of slavery, colonialism
  11. White communists must be committed to overthrowing white power
  12. The African Socialist International is growing in Africa
  13. ASI resolution adopted at Party’s First Congress
  14. InPDUM leads mass resistance
  15. Revolutionary National Democratic Program: the political basis for black power
  16. Black is Back Coalition helps to advance RNDP
  17. African People’s Solidarity Committee another vehicle against U.S. imperialism
  18. White people must side with African workers not parasitic capitalism
  19. AAPDEP a tool against parasitic capitalist development
  20. AISO wins students to African Revolution
  21. African Redemption Church: the Party’s response to religious idealism
  22. Influencing and organizing African labor
  23. Party must address issue of African mass incarceration
  24. Formalizing the leadership of African women
  25. Solve the problem of recruitment
  26. Accountability and democratic centralism
  27. Party’s Department of Agit Prop has made great leaps
  28. Cadre development and leadership is key
  29. Office of Economic Development builds culture of self-reliance

Office of Economic Development builds culture of self-reliance

The same thing is true of our office of Finance and Economic Development. Not only must this department create real economic development programs for the whole Party, it must anticipate new expenses and plan for meeting the budget requirements of the whole Party and its various programs. This office must also participate in helping to develop contending economic development programs that benefit the masses and help to bring them closer to the embrace of our Party.

It is perhaps here that the examples of Marcus Garvey and the UNIA have most significance. One difference between Garvey and the Pan-Africanists that were born in contention with him and the UNIA is that Garvey’s movement anticipated neocolonialism. Unlike W. E. B. Dubois, author of the infamous “Talented Tenth” scheme that would allow the most educated of the colonized African population to represent imperialism as our indirect rulers, Garvey set out on a path of African self-determination and economic self-sufficiency.

The many economic ventures of Garvey and the UNIA were designed to raise up Africa and African people to our full stature. They were ventures based on the assumption that Africa could become an economic power in the world.

This is the example that we should have in mind in our Office of Finance and Economic Development. The development of our leading Party offices as incipient instruments through which we exercise the power to govern must mean that this is not simply an office that can be satisfied with tolling the bell or treading water. It cannot be an office characterized by holding the fort.

The Office of Finance and Economic Development must be bold in its vision and competent in its ever-expanding capacity.

This is the office that must acquire the expertise to anticipate the emergence of an independent African economy growing out of processes and programs of our Party that are developing now as instruments of contending and dual international economic power.

The African petty bourgeoisie, where most of the expertise we need for such development is located, is not readily accessible to us at this time. It is also true that without ideological transformation, the expertise gained through imperialist institutions is not immediately useful to us. However, this will change.

The conscientious work by the Office of Finance and Economic Development will result in the development of the needed expertise within our ranks; the growth of our Party and the movement under its influence will result in class suicide by elements of the African petty bourgeoisie with such expertise. They will abandon the interests of the petty bourgeoisie, which is a dying social force and adopt the interests of the African working class as their own.

The Office of Finance and Economic Development must re-establish the culture of self-reliance within the ranks of our Party and teach the Party how to constantly be in the process of resource generation as a matter of practice on a regular and consistent basis. Party organizations must be taught the principles of financial accountability and resource security.

However, one of the most important tasks of this office is to develop a program to also teach these things to Party cadres. This is not because all cadres will be involved in finance and economic development, but because we want each cadre to have a rudimentary knowledge that will make her capable of functioning in various mass organizations of the people in this struggle for influence and the acquisition of power.

Some of these tasks being called for in Agitprop and the Office of Finance and Economic Development will have to be taken on in special schools established for this purpose. However, it is urgent that they be taken on. Included in such schools should also be classes on conducting successful meetings and other matters necessary for cadres who have the responsibility for extending the influence of the Party and winning greater participation of the masses in anti-imperialist political life.

Comrades, our time is too short to give a complete analysis of our current situation and all the requirements of our Party. However, it should be clear that ours is a Party with an unmatched history in the struggle against imperialism and for the liberation and unification of Africa and the globally dispersed African nation.

This is a history that must be personally embraced by every member of our Party and our entire movement. The analysis here is one born of the worldview of our Party. It is presented here for your assessment. I am convinced that unity with this document and a vigorous struggle to implement its recommendations will win greater victories for us and carry us that much closer to liberation.

Izwe Lethu i Afrika!

One Africa! One Nation!

Forward to victory!

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