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Join the African People's Socialist Party

We have had slavery, poverty, violence and mis-education imposed on our people for hundreds of years.

We have lost our homes, our freedom and our right to control our own lives.

It's time to take our own future into our own black hands.

The struggle to take control of our own future requires us to build a revolutionary organization. No people in history have ever won their freedom without building an organization to do it.

The African People's Socialist Party is that organization for African people.

It is a revolutionary Party of the African working class, the class that builds all the wealth but never sees any of it benefit us.

It is our time, our day, and this is our Party. The APSP is our tool to seize the time. Let's take advantage of this moment in history and take our freedom.

Join the African People's Socialist Party!

Contact the African People's Socialist Party in the United States at:
1245 18th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, Florida 33705
United States

Join the ASI

Kwame Nkrumah spoke of it, Marcus Garvey began to do it, and now we must fulfill our obligation to our people and our Africa! We must take Africa’s future into our own hands!

Read the Main Resolution voted on and accepted by Africans from around the world, and if you unite with it, join the African Socialist International and take part in a worldwide organization of African revolutionaries fighting to unite and liberate Africa and her people!

The time for Africa is now! Join the international party of the African working class!