African People's Socialist Party 5th Congress - Political Report - Revolutionary National Democratic Program: the political basis for black power
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African People's Socialist Party 5th Congress - Political Report - Revolutionary National Democratic Program: the political basis for black power

Political Report to the Fifth Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party

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Table of Contents

  1. Imperialists cannot stem tide of national liberation
  2. The Party is the anti-colonial force in this time
  3. African People’s Socialist Party is heir to Marcus Garvey
  4. Pan-Africanism was the petty bourgeoisie; Garvey led the African working class
  5. African Internationalism advances Garvey Movement, defines imperialism in crisis
  6. African Internationalism shows the way forward
  7. African Internationalism led on the issue of reparations
  8. African workers must lead the struggle against parasitic capitalism
  9. ASI is the basis for a genuine Communist International
  10. White nation-state built on pedestal of slavery, colonialism
  11. White communists must be committed to overthrowing white power
  12. The African Socialist International is growing in Africa
  13. ASI resolution adopted at Party’s First Congress
  14. InPDUM leads mass resistance
  15. Revolutionary National Democratic Program: the political basis for black power
  16. Black is Back Coalition helps to advance RNDP
  17. African People’s Solidarity Committee another vehicle against U.S. imperialism
  18. White people must side with African workers not parasitic capitalism
  19. AAPDEP a tool against parasitic capitalist development
  20. AISO wins students to African Revolution
  21. African Redemption Church: the Party’s response to religious idealism
  22. Influencing and organizing African labor
  23. Party must address issue of African mass incarceration
  24. Formalizing the leadership of African women
  25. Solve the problem of recruitment
  26. Accountability and democratic centralism
  27. Party’s Department of Agit Prop has made great leaps
  28. Cadre development and leadership is key
  29. Office of Economic Development builds culture of self-reliance

Revolutionary National Democratic Program: the political basis for black power

U.S. imperialism is waging public wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is also engaged in not-so-public military interventions throughout Africa. Somalia is only one example.

At the same time the U.S. is trying to win public support for some kind of intervention in Sudan as preparation is being made for the installment of open U.S. military dominance of all of Africa through AFRICOM. This is intended to contend with imperialist rivals, protect the neocolonial status quo and give greater coordination of existing and future U.S. military intervention anywhere in Africa.

The U.S. is also busy attempting to reverse its fortune in South America, ramping up counterinsurgent activities against the governments of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and others that have moved and are moving away from the imperialist camp. Many governments throughout the region are now searching for socialist solutions.

New developments leading to electoral success of anti-imperialists in Nicaragua and El Salvador have surely caused growing alarm for the U.S. and there is little doubt of U.S. involvement in the recent coup in Honduras to remove a president that had become part of a progressive bloc threatening U.S. imperialist hegemony in this hemisphere.

The current U.S. regime is also faced with an economy that has tanked. Because bourgeois “economists” are ideologically blinded, they cannot see the connection between the economic crisis and the growing successes by colonized and oppressed peoples to reclaim our resources, our sovereignty and our future. We, in the African People’s Socialist Party, however, are clear on the connection, and we are determined to deepen the crisis by advancing the struggle for African liberation and unification and supporting all other struggles to defeat the imperialist stranglehold on the world.

This is the political and economic context of InPDUM’s work to advance our Revolutionary National Democratic Program. The primary objective of the Revolutionary National Democratic Program of our movement is to establish the political basis for the struggle for black power.

The Revolutionary National Democratic Program offers the masses of our people and the people of the world an alternative program to the predatory program being advanced by U.S. imperialism. The RNDP is a program that not only opposes the unjust wars and interventions of the U.S.; it unites with the aspirations of the victims of such wars and interventions. It establishes the basis for international unity with our struggle against U.S. imperialism.

The Revolutionary National Democratic Program must be advanced and fought for in the streets, communities, factories and campuses of the U.S. and the world. It is a program of peace and social justice; it is a program that unleashes the masses of our people on a path for the conquest of revolutionary national democratic power, the power to govern ourselves.

This is what makes InPDUM’s work so significant during this time of deep crisis of imperialism. Our program does not attempt to win the people to a process of solving the crisis of imperialism. It contributes to deepening the crisis by organizing practical unity between the anti-imperialist struggles of the peoples of the world and the struggles of the U.S. Front of the African Liberation Movement for the socialist liberation and unification of Africa and African people worldwide.

This is not something to be taken lightly. Nor should this be understood as a campaign to simply take it upon ourselves to implement one or more points of the overall program.

The task is to become revolutionary politicians who may or may not implement points of the overall program, but who will see as our primary task winning the masses of our people to the whole Revolutionary National Democratic Program as their own.

The RNDP will contend with the program of the imperialist parties of the U.S. and their lesser allies both within and outside the U.S. This is the program that we want the progressive international community to recognize as representing the interests of struggling Africans colonized within the current borders of the U.S.

Using the Revolutionary National Democratic Program as the basis for winning the unity of the African masses in the U.S. to a revolutionary trajectory, the Party must see InPDUM as the vehicle through which we move to conquer real power, the power to govern.

As InPDUM represents the organizational manifestation of the revolutionary national democratic unity of the African masses, we must use InPDUM as a major vehicle for the establishment of a revolutionary national democratic provisional government.

The Revolutionary National Democratic Program gives us the ability to concretize the question of political power among the masses of our people with the objective of winning the people to the right and responsibility for self-government.

This marks a critical juncture of our struggle for the liberation and unification of Africa and African people worldwide from the U.S. Front of the African Liberation Movement against continued imperialist world domination and for the victory of international socialism.

InPDUM’s advancement of the Revolutionary National Democratic Program also contributes to the unification of the anti-colonialist or pro-independence tendency within the African community. Now, with the concretization of the ASI as the material, organizational manifestation of the strategic goal of the African Revolution, InPDUM’s pursuit of the revolutionary national democratic capture of political power in the U.S. allows our Party to unite with all the legitimate efforts to capture forms of state power within the U.S.

With the existence of the ASI, InPDUM’s work allows for unity with some practical programs of the African anti-colonial, pro-independence tendency as the first stage of the overall African Revolution that will result in the capture and unification of Africa, our national homeland, as well as the African nation dispersed throughout the world.

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