African People's Socialist Party - Black Star Industries
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African People's Socialist Party - Black Star Industries

Black Star Industries – Wholly Owned Subsidiaries

  • Burning Spear Publications
  • Uhuru News and Radio
  • Uhuru Foods and Pies
  • One Africa, One Nation Marketplaces
  • Planet Uhuru Apparel

These dynamic Uhuru Movement enterprises will come under the umbrella of Black Star Industries.

Participating in these wholly-owned subsidiary LLCs offers African People's Socialist Party (APSP) departments and organizations a solution to the goal of economic self-reliance, while contributing resources back to the APSP.

Burning Spear Publications currently offers opportunities for individual distributors as well as organizations to make an income.

Beginning in 2012, Uhuru Foods and Pies will begin working with APSP departments and organizations to take advantage of food sales opportunities in every area, implementing standard operations to maintain our quality reputation.

Black Star Industries – Partnership Subsidiaries

Beginning in late 2012, Black Star Industries will begin accepting applications for businesses to partner with BSI as subsidiary LLCs.

BSI seeks enterprising, creative and industrious individuals with the drive to develop successful companies while at the same time supporting the whole of BSI.

These partner LLCs will be owned at least 51% by BSI, with a BSI manager on the board of every subsidiary. BSI can contribute capital, business training and other resources to these enterprises to ensure their success.

We are building the infrastructure of the economy of the African Nation!