African People's Socialist Party 2012 Plenary
African People's Socialist Party 2012 Plenary

Child Care

The 2012 Plenary of the African People’s Socialist Party offers child care services for those attending.

Child care will be offered for the full length of the Plenary and will involve interactive song, dance, games, and discussion for both young children and teens.

The African People’s Socialist Party works hard to bring the best of African organization for both parents and children. The child care services will provide your child with fond memories of African organization and education which will strengthen your African youth for years to come.

Youth will be led in reciting the African Pledge, learning liberation songs, and coloring stencils of famous black leaders such as Marcus Garvey. There will be a time during the event when the African youth will lead the Plenary in reciting the African Pledge.

For those who are old enough we will view parts of the Plenary via live broadcast and then will lead discussion on what was viewed with the youth leading to enrichment of their minds.

Food and drinks will be provided throughout the course of the Plenary for your child. African Youth are a most important part of the African nation and you and your child will not want to miss this event!