General Resolution Passed At the
First West Africa Regional Conference of the African Socialist International

Held in Freetown, Sierra Leone from October 20-22, 2008

WE, the West Africa Regional Committee of the African Socialist International, meeting in Freetown, Sierra Leone from October 20-22, 2008;

Having examined the numerous contradictions imposed on Africa and African people by capitalism, imperialism and neocolonialism;

Considering the magnitude of capitalist, imperialist imposed poverty, underdevelopment and deprivation of Africa and African people around the world;

Bearing in mind that the rising food and other commodity prices are the direct result of imperialist increased aggression of oppressed peoples of the world to rescue itself from its own crisis at the expense of Africa and other oppressed people;

Realizing that the current neocolonial governments in the region have all deliberately increased the suffering of the African masses;

Understanding that the transition from one neocolonial government to another during the last fifty to sixty years has only accelerated the pains and sufferings of the African workers and poor peasants;

Realizing that neocolonialism itself has produced nothing but the nostalgia of the dreadful colonial past;

Considering that the rising unemployment and near exclusion of the African youths from all social, economic, political and cultural affairs of the various microstates in Africa and beyond constitute a fundamental violation of universal principles;

Considering that the degradation of public roads, hospitals and lack of adequate social services is a glaring evidence of the failure of the neocolonialist, capitalist petty bourgeoisie in Africa to address the problems of the masses;

Considering that the rising infant and maternal mortality rates and other despicable conditions faced by African women and children in the region represents an indictment on the various neocolonial governments in Africa;

Realizing that the rapid spread of curable and preventable diseases in Africa like malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, yellow fever and other related diseases undermines the development of the valuable human resource required by Africa for its industrialization and development;

WE hereby resolve on the following:

  1. That the current crisis created by continued looting of Africa by imperialist forces, particularly the United States, have to be resisted and defeated by any means necessary;
  2. That all multinational corporations, including Koidu Holdings, Branch Energy, Africa Minerals, London Mining, Milestone, Alcoa, Alcan, Bridge Resources, Africa Gold and Diamonds Ltd, and others involved in the exploitation of the vast mineral wealth of Africa should be forced to cease operations with immediate effect and forced to pay reparations for the theft of diamonds, gold, aluminum, iron ore, and other resources from the continent;
  3. That all western military and intelligence agencies including IMATT and AFRICOM, and other French, British and American armies in Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Congo, Djibouti, Liberia, and other African countries must cease operations and withdraw with immediate effect;
  4. That Africans both at home and abroad in Europe, in North and South America, the Caribbean and around the world must unite and concertedly oppose the United States and any neocolonial African government that supports the deployment of AFRICOM or any other U.S. military force on the continent;
  5. That all manufactured debts imposed on the African masses by western imperialist nations and the various neocolonial regimes must not be paid;
  6. That Europe and the United States must pay reparations to Africa and African people for slavery, colonialism, and the continued oppression and exploitation of Africa and African people;
  7. That we affirm the right of return for all Africans dispersed around the world due to slavery, colonialism and other forms of assaults to contribute to the rapid industrialization and development of Africa as a part of the liberation and unification process of the continent;
  8. That dual citizenship must be granted to all Africans in the "Diaspora" and Africans around the world must have unrestricted entry access to Europe and the United States and immigrant status equal to that available to Europeans and "Americans" in Africa;
  9. That African governments must demand protection and protest violation of the rights of Africans living in European-dominated countries around the world;
  10. That African people must have the unquestionable right to move freely across the artificial borders created by the imperialists without passports;
  11. That cross border extortions, police intimidations and harassments of Africans traveling across the continent must be stopped;
  12. That ethnic politics, discrimination and official designations should be discouraged;
  13. That the democratic rights of African people including the right to free speech, press freedom, assembly, religion and association must be respected and guaranteed;
  14. That African workers and peasants must have equal and unpolluted access to the electoral process as enjoyed by ruling parties and others of the petty bourgeoisie; That free and efficient healthcare facilities must be provided for all workers and peasants;
  15. That the public service should be expanded to provide jobs and other employment opportunities for workers and peasants, and the oppressed majority of our people;
  16. That better conditions of service and employment including the development of minimum wage for all workers must become a matter of urgent priority;
  17. That specific employment opportunities and programmes that would genuinely address the problem of youth unemployment and their inclusion in all areas of development must become a genuine priority;
  18. That a new educational curriculum that speaks to the history, culture and development requirements of Africa and its people must be developed by the progressive African intellectuals and adopted;
  19. That free and quality education must be provided for and to all African children;
  20. That specific programmes that elevate and promote the interest, dignity and position of African women in our communities must be developed, adopted and supported;
  21. That the trial of African leaders and others accused of committing crimes against African people should be the task of the African masses and not the imperialists;
  22. That all Africans, both at home and abroad, must unite to build the African Socialist International, the single organization capable of consolidating our separately fought struggles into a common direction;