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Message from Luwezi Kinshasa

Chair of the ASI Interim Committee

Luwezi Kinshasa,
Chair ASI Interim Committee

African Socialist International to lead
this era of worldwide African Revolution

Uhuru Brothers and Sisters,

We write you with the understanding that we have entered a new and most critical phase in world history: the era of the complete defeat of imperialist white power. The ongoing crisis of imperialism, caused by the rise of resistance of the vast majority of the peoples of the world, is deepening. Even neocolonialism, the imperialist strategy of placing faces that look like us in power to administer our colonial oppression is failing.

It is time now that we, the African workers and poor peasants, take our future into our own hands and liberate our Africa under an all-African socialist government. With our unity, we will defeat the opportunist African petty bourgeoisie that has sold us out time and time again. With the power of the over one billion Africans worldwide we can forward the legacy of the great Marcus Garvey and realize his dream of a united and free Africa.

The many years of work to build the African Socialist International has been a process to forward that legacy. This 7th Conference to Build the African Socialist International (ASI) in October opens the way to the ASI founding Congress. Since August 1999, under the brilliant leadership of African Peopleís Socialist Party (APSP) Chairman Omali Yeshitela, I have been responsible for organising the effort to build the African Socialist International.

Today I am proud to inform the African progressive and revolutionary world that we are closer to achieving our goal; we are anticipating this ASI conference to be the best ever and the last, but also representative enough of the African world to allow us to call for the founding Congress of the African Socialist international.

I am overwhelmed, as I have never received before so many communications from African organisers who are showing unity with the ASI project and want to attend this historical conference in October. Mails are coming from the Caribbean, South America, North America, Europe and Africa.

The ASI is a vision of the future to build a United States of Africa, free from imperialist-imposed borders and their requisite fractured nationalities and governments and their dependent economies. This vision is one that sees our United States of Africa under the leadership of the workers in alliance with poor peasants. It is a project to make Africa a powerhouse in the world, where no nation would be able to steal our resources and labour at our expenses.

For so long, our riches and talents have shaped, against our own will, every aspect of modern civilisation in the hands of our oppressors. With all of the scattered fronts of African resistance against imperialism throughout the world united into a single fighting revolutionary organisation, the world would be changed forever. The power of over one billion African people will free Africa from the illegitimate rule of the tiny African neo-colonialist class and defeat imperialism forever on Africa soil.

This social movement of one billion African workers and peasants, in control of our own resources, but also sciences and technology, would show the world, once again, what Africans can do when we work as a free people for our own benefit.

We call on Africans around the world who unite with the struggle for the unification and liberation of Africa to join in this amazing effort to build the African Socialist International. This yearís conference activities, to be held in London, England on 6-14 October, will be a most historical event.

Africans who are interested in participating should read and unite with the ASIís Main Resolution, written by Chairman Omali Yeshitela and passed by hundreds of Africans in attendance at the 2004 Conference to Build the ASI.

The reigns of history lie in our hands. We must seize them and thrust Africa into the forefront of the history as we bring in a new world free of imperialismís decaying parasitic grip.

Build to win!
One Africa! One Nation!
Touch One, Touch All!

Luwezi Kinshasa,
Chair, ASI Interim Committee

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