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Cultural Event: Thursday 5th October 2006

Cultural Event

Press Conference: Friday 6th October 2006

12:00 Delegates speak to the press at the ASI
Conference venue, African Caribbean Centre, 9
Clarendon Road, Hornsey, London N8 0DJ. Press contact:
Luwezi Kinshasa, (0) 208 265 1731, www.asiuhuru.org

Day 1: Saturday 7th October 2006

08:30  Breakfast/Registration
09:30  African Pledge : Red, Black, Green flag on top hills of Africa
09:25  Welcome & Recognition
09:30  Rules of Participation  
09:35  Objective and Goals of the conference 
09:45  Solidarity Messages 
10:45  Significance of Africa in the World Context 
11:45  Discussion                 
12:15  Constitution Draft Discussion 
13:00  Lunch    
14:00  Culture
14:10  Reports: Europe (15 minutes maximum; alphabetical order)
         Belgium, Britain, France, Holland, 
15:10  Discussion
15:40  Simultaneous Workshops: 60 min each   
         a. The national question in history and as it relates to the 
            identity of African people. 
         b. The state as an organ of repression that must be overthrown
            and replaced  by that of the African working class                   
16:40    c. struggles for elevation of African women in societies
         d. Culture unity of African People
17:40  Culture 
17:55  Dinner
19:00  Omali Yeshitela
Day 2 | Day3
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