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Cruise Pricing

The following chart shows the price per person for each category by deck and stateroom capacity. The price per person is based on the assumption that the maximum guests will occupy the applicable stateroom and divide the stateroom cost equally.

Don’t forget, a portion of the price includes a tax deductible donation to the ASI. The cruise is a fundraiser and allows the ASI to continue its work.

last updated 4/20/18
Category Cat. Guests Per Cabin Cost Per Guest  
Balcony 8B 2 Guests $722.00 *  
Interior 4H 2 Guests $502.00 *  
Interior 4G 2 Guests $497.00 *  
Interior 4F 2 Guests $492.00 *
Interior 4E 2 Guests $482.00 *
Interior 4B 2 Guests $462.00 *
Oceanview   2 Guests Based on availability; please call for rates!  

Contact travel agent for additional pricing information.

*Fare does not include taxes and port fees.

Gratuities, travel insurance, transfers, airfare and hotel not included and will be an additional charge.

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