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Summation of the 2006 Freedom Tour

The 2006 Freedom Tour built by the African People’s Socialist Party was a momentous success. The tour exceeded its goals to end the isolation of the Africanist Movement, and build material and political solidarity for the work on the ground in West Africa. As a result of this tour, the Africanist Movement is no longer confined to the borders in West Africa, but rather recognized and supported by the African World at large. This accomplishment is an extremely significant leap forward in the realization of a united Africa.

Furthermore, Chernoh’s presence and powerful testimony enkindled a fire inside people throughout the US and UK to struggle to bring an end to the suffering that has been imposed on Africans by a small group of imperialist nations. This was reflected in the large number of people who attended the events and stepped forward to join the organization, serve as volunteers, make financial donations, and support the work in West Africa.

This tour effectively raised the questions that expose the viciousness of imperialism and its parasitic plot to loot the resources of Africa. In fact, many people who did not know or understand anything about the Diamond Wars in Africa were made aware of the reality of the situation and the true culprit who is behind it.

It was as a result of this tour exposing that ALL diamonds are blood diamonds, that a significant number of North Americans (White People) contributed diamonds in the call to return the diamonds that belong to Africans. The analysis provided by the African People’s Socialist Party influenced hundreds of people to volunteer their political and material support for the work being done in Sierra Leone & West Africa. Consequently, we now have forces who have stepped forward to volunteer their skills to build electrification, water purification, and prosthetics projects in order to transform the conditions created by the crisis. Now we are calling on all of you who signed up to support the work in Sierra Leone & West Africa to step forward and join the Sierra Leone Support Committee.

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